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At Eyebot we have a vision of better eye health for everyone. Our pioneering rapid eye testing systems are powered by next generation technology, delivering trusted results in seconds.


Easily adaptable to store branding, our freestanding unit offers a ground-breaking customer experience and makes a bold statement about the commitment to customers' eye health.


Experience the future of rapid eye testing – for a clearer, brighter future for everyone.

Bringing what matters most into focus.

Next generation technology

Eyebot develops cutting edge rapid eye testing technologies that provide reliable results at the touch of a button. By eliminating the barriers to high quality and affordable vision care through Eyebot’s automation technology, we can drive a shift to proactive eye care, improved quality of life, and cost savings.

What used to take days or weeks can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Making a difference

Over 30 million Americans have preventable blurry vision.
150 million Americans are overdue for an eye exam.
22 million American adults have never had an eye exam before.

The benefits

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Fully automated eye testing that works for everyone.

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Easy to use

No training, scheduling, or instructions needed.

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Precise and fast

Clinically validated technology provides users with their vision results in seconds.

Our investors

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Our expert team

Matthias Hofmann Matthias Hofmann
Matthias Hofmann PhD
Cofounder, CEO
Jack Moldave Jack Moldave
Jack Moldave
Cofounder, CTO
Kiyo Gomi Kiyo Gomi
Kiyo Gomi
Business Operations
Meng Yang Meng Yang
Meng Yang
Industrial Designer
Erin Burba Erin Burba
Erin Burba
Embedded Engineer
Alex Martin
Alex Martin
Zach Guzaitis Zach Guzaitis
Zach Guzaitis
Mechanical Engineer
Yash Gowla
Software Engineer
Steve Romine

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